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  • Can I use JSH images for making prints or to illustrate a book?
    You can as long as you agree to sign a contract and pay for the use of every image. Read more about it on our blog post.
  • Can I use Jorge Sanchez Hernández images for free?
    Unfortunately it is not possible for us to permit the reproduction of the images of JSH without a signed contract and the use of image payment. Even if you would like to use them for free, for personal purposes, as a profile picture in a social network, or on your website for non-profit projects, we can not allow it. Videos or conferences or any other digital project that you would like to make for free dissemination, incur costs and usually charge for it, like the providers, including website domains, etc. Many publications we have worked with that have launched nonprofit projects have paid for the rights to use the images of JSH. We cannot make exceptions or it would be unfair for those who have already contributed. The payment to obtain a license of use of image helps us cover the costs of the protection of copyrights, pay taxes, protect the work and be accountable to the Executor of the artist, who has the responsibility of taking care of the artist's legacy. With the payment you are contributing to the protection and dissemination of the legacy of a great Mexican artist that deserves recognition worldwide. Contact us for further information of to proceed with the elaboration of the contract. Elena Pietrini Sánchez Granddaughter of Jorge Sánchez Hernández
  • Do you export Fine Art Prints abroad?
    Yes we do. Your order will be purchased depending on our supplier's service capacity. If your country is not listed in the SHOP menu, please contact us to find a way to ship your order.
  • How long it will take my order to be delivered?
    When you place your order take on account that it will take 1 week for getting your artwork printed plus the shipping time [a week within Europe and around 3 weeks or a month worldwide]. You will receive a tracking number to follow your order and we will keep you posted for any other details. Each print is certified and includes a serial number.
  • Where can I see the original paintings of Jorge Sánchez Hernández?
    Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Collection as well as Nican Mopohua collection are exhibited in the restaurant ex-hacienda 'Las Bodegas del Molino' in Puebla, México.
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