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1. Sending your Fine Art Print abroad:

Your purchase is sent locally in the Netherlands and in Europe [3 to 5 working days] as
well as around the world [3 to 5 weeks], depending on the scope of the postal delivery

2. Provider:

DHL is a provider that we have been using for years, so that is why we suggest it to the
customer, but if you have another preference, you can indicate it without problem.
Take on account that by choosing this or your own shipping provider you agree with
their Terms & Conditions, which are not related with my our service.

With the payment for this service by DHL you will receive a key number -Track & Trace-
so you can track your order safely. I will also be aware of the follow up to your order until

you receive it in your hands.

3. Packaging material costs: Standard €0.00

We use recycled materials to pack your fine art print and prepare it to arrive in good condition to
your home.

In special circumstances, in case the work is larger than usual, or is framed, or rolled, for example,
I can request an extra payment to buy suitable material (Other cases can be discussed
individually). In standard cases this is not recommended.

4. Support:

I will follow up the shipment and I will be supporting you in case of any eventuality until
you receive the package in your hands. This is why I ask your support as well to be aware
of the date and time indicated by DHL through the tracking code to act on any mishap
as soon as possible.

DHL has instructions to leave the package in your home and if you do not find these
conditions, it will prefer not to leave the package with any other person, for security

In some cases [depending of international postal regulations] DHL may leave the
package at the Post Office of your locality. If that happens, DHL will send you a paper

notice stating that you can pick up your package with your Track & Trace number.
Sometimes you may be asked to pay an amount for the necessary import taxes by the
Post Office of your locality. This extra cost has to be covered by the client in the country
of destination.


Due to the personal nature of the commission, printing by request, unfortunately we can not give refunds or returns.

About damage or loss in transit.


In the event that damage or loss occurs during the journey, unfortunately we can not beheld responsible, but we will do our best to help you solve any issue related to your order. The responsibility lays on the delivery service that the customer decides to use, so it is advisable to also purchase an insurance. If any mishap, you can count on us to solve it the best possible way:



If the package was damaged along the way, contact us in less than 24 hours. We need to collect all the information as accurately as possible, where the damage of the article is proven through photographs and a clear and clear description so that I can support you in solving the issue with the DHL shipping provider.




We can support you to fill out the necessary documentation to request a formal investigation within DHL. You also have my support to follow up on the investigation, including you copy in the emails and keeping you informed of the progress status. The outcome will depend on the terms and conditions of DHL, if they can give you a partial remuneration, for example.

If the package was lost at customs or Post Office in your locality, outside the frame of DHL, it would be difficult for us to intervene, so you will have to follow up on your own case, communicating with the personnel in charge and following up on the investigation issues. We can only intervene if contact with DHL is necessary.

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