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Jorge Sánchez Hernández

[April 23, 1926 - December 7, 2016, Mexico City, Mexico]


Mexican painter considered neo-baroque, for being a continuator of the 18th century aesthetic style of Spanish Baroque painters, such as Diego Velázquez, Zurbarán, Murillo, Caravaggio, Rafael, Miguel Ángel.

From 1945 to 1946 he entered the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City where he started to paint under the tutelage of German painter Hubertus Von Reimer and the Italian painter Carlo Monteverdi. Later, he took a workshop given by artist Carmen Jiménez Labora. 


He considered himself mostly self-taught, since in a short time he exceeded his teachers and dedicated himself to perfecting his technique through self-study.

Currently his work is part of both public and private collections. His images are still being reproduced in books, lithographies, art prints and other media.

Classic and Controversial

Jorge Sánchez Hernández was not an artist of his time. Despite living in the context of artistic avant-garde, he sought to perfect the technique of naturalism in painting, not to break with tradition.

His most famous painting is the controversial Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz [Juana Inés in the courtesan life or The Exam]. 


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