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Welcome to our website

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

'Whenever someone asks you, 'How are you?'

Always respond you are doing fine.

In that way, you give your friends joy

and rage to your foes'.

- Jorge Sánchez Hernández

[1926-2016 México].

It took us a long time to build up this website.

I never thought I could create a space worth of his beautiful and yet monumental work.

The main reason that moves us to do so is, first of all, honour the work of my grandfather, by giving a little bit back of what he has given through his images, inspiring others.

As his descendants, we are aiming to protect his legacy and and to make it known without boundaries worldwide.

We hope we can carry on and keep Jorge Sánchez Hernández memory alive in his work.

Thank you all who have join us throughout this journey.

Susana Elena Sánchez Pruneda, daughter of the painter,

and her husband Felipe Pietrini León.

Family Pietrini Sánchez: Grandchildren of the painter.

Felipe, Elena, María José, Georgina, Héctor, Juan Pablo & Daniel.

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