Nahuatl - Spanish: $450 MXN [Mexican pesos] or €20.00 hardcover book.

English - Spanish: $200 MXN [Mexican pesos] or €10.00 softcover book.


The price of the book will depend on the destination it is delivered. For instance:


Sending the book to other parts of Mexico:

delivery fee $350 MXN [Mexican pesos] | €20.00 + €24.00


Sending to the United States:

delivery fee $1,500 MXN [Mexican pesos] | €60.00 +  €26.00


Sending to European countries:

delivery fee $1,600 MXN [Mexican pesos] | €70.00 + €11.00


+ delivery fee through DHL.

We are choosing DHL as our main delivery service so that you receive your package safely at home. 


For a quotation of the shipping cost, enter DHL and add from Mexico City to your own address. The shipping service includes Track & Trace. The delivery time will depend on where it is sent.


Contact us if your country is not listed in the delivery service options.

In case of being a smaller or bigger delivery cost we will notify you. You will get an invoice and a refund of the difference in cost if it is necessary.


Contact us if you are interested in acquiring a book for yourself or for a dear one.

Nican Mopohua

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