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Can I use images of JSH for publishing?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

If you would like to use an image created by artist Jorge Sánchez Hernández for publishing on conference presentations, YouTube videos, books, magazines, stamps, brochures or any other form of reproduction, you will need an approved contract signed by the Executor responsible for JSH copyrights.

You can contact us to submit a contract via email.

What does this contract includes?

  • The image(s) in High Resolution.

  • A period of time for printing / publishing the images [1-2 years] with the possibility of renovation / only for one project at a time.

What do we ask from you?

  • Include Jorge Sánchez Hernández credits! His complete name, date and title of the work. He deserves recognition.

  • Author of the publication and person / company responsible for the publication.

  • Purpose of the use of the image(s).

  • Print run, number of prints, name of the publisher that will publish it, title, year, image dimensions, platform, social media, etc.

  • A couple of physical samples of the products you are going to print, for our own registry.

  • The approval in the design of the image before printing. In this way we take care that the signature of the author is not cut or his work is not modified or mutilated.

  • The payment of €120 for every selected image.

If my publication is free and non-profit, can I request the image for free too?

  • Through your contribution you are helping the Executor to continue to take care of the work and legacy of the artist.

  • As we don't receive any help from institutions, the sales we make from our online store, along with the payment for the licence for the use of images helps us cover the costs of the maintenance of our Project. The funds go to the protection of copyrights of JSH, like drawing up of contracts, legal follow-up, paying taxes, to maintain the website and keep social networks active, restore the images digitally, take care of the digital archive heritage, etc.

  • Many clients we have worked with that launch nonprofit projects have paid for the rights to use the image license. Even if the books, prints [videos or conferences] from your project would be free, the printers or providers that you use incur costs and usually charge for it. The use of image is considered as part of those services.

  • With the payment you are contributing to the protection and dissemination of the legacy of a great Mexican artist that deserves recognition worldwide.

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