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Nican Mopohua illustrated book

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The text 'Nican Mopohua' was written in Náhuatl [One of Mexicans native tongues] and published in Mexico City, Mexico in 1649 by Luis Laso de la Vega, the vicar of the chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Tepeyac outside the same city. The original version is attributed to Don Antonio Valeriano (circa 1540-45). It is generally known by the abbreviated title Huei Tlamahuiçoltica ("The Great Event").

The present edition 2016 includes the original Nahuatl text by Valeriano and its translation in Spanish by Mario Rojas †. The book is illustrated with the paintings created by Jorge Sánchez Hernández [Mexico, 1926-2016 †].

You can see all the paintings of the collection Nican Mopohua here in this website or visit them in Ex-Hacienda Las Bodegas del Molino, Puebla, México.

Contact us if you are interested in acquiring a book for yourself or for a dear one.

Here you can watch a flip through the pages of the book. Enjoy!

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